[ the artistic way to [work] perform ]

d.Ploi is the first deployment of a modular, expandable, manipulative construct designed to inhabit a space and provide habitation for collaborative groups seeking an adaptive environment for engaging each other in dialog about what could, should, might, and can be. [d.Ploi is also our first deployment of an environmental installation as part the ArtPrize festival of public art.]

 Creativity is gaining value in the workplace.  The homogenous work environment is obsolete.  The “office” as a singular place for work is disintegrating.  Sustainability is permeating all aspects of our lives.

We seek to investigate, develop, and build an engaging, joyful, and performative folly that welcomes people to laugh and play, sit and stay, listen and speak to each other.  D.ploi manifests the joy of youth, a time of building forts from blankets, infecting our adult life with the innocence of childhood.  We hope this folly creates a setting for enriching our experience of the urban space and how we contribute to each other’s growth.


Function: noun

Etymology: probably from employ

1: escapade, frolic2 a: a tactic intended to embarrass or frustrate an opponent b: a devised or contrived move : stratagem



Function: verb

Etymology: French déployer, literally, to unfold

1: to organize and send out (people or things) to be used for a particular purpose 2: to open up and spread out the parts of (something, such as a parachute)