“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” — Dr. Seuss

We seek as artists to grow from the process of design, prototyping, fabrication, and installation to transform space for the physical, social, psychological, and emotional benefit of our community. This is how we play.  Pique, our submission to the 2010 ArtPrize festival of public art is the result of process and play.  It is plywood and plastic tubing.  It is light, sound and experience.  It is a reinvention of an empty urban office.  It is all of these things.

To impact the lives of the creators, actors and viewers.

To celebrate life.

To have a purpose.

To reveal.

To delight in the understanding of having fun, changing them forever.


Curiosity is the food of the empathetic, and while we strive to solve problems, curiosity helps reveal the right problem to solve.  Art requires curiosity from artist and audience.

This immersive installation is intended to delight and surprise by promoting active participation and providing points to observe that curious exploration. We designed and built to enhance the fantasy and exploratory nature of the human experience by manipulating textures, light, color and equilibrium.  A dense bosque of clear tubes greet actor[s] as they enter the installation.  The tubes hang like chimes reflecting images and refracting light, creating a kaleidoscope of colored effects.  Actors must influence the tubes to work their way through the construct, inventing music and art through their journey. In its center, the environment opens up to a place of solitude, a void in the chimes, promoting respite and reflection.

The enclosing walls are fractured to reflect sound, direct light and displace space, amplifying the sensorial experience. The form of walls, floor, structure and ceiling metaphorically embody the left and right side of our brains—the random and the logical, the subjective and objective.  They work in harmony, but process stimulus differently and together experience the whole.

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