Brightmoor Christian Church engaged Progressive AE in our creative process to discover solutions to build on their already outstanding 8 year journey of growth.  Their existing environment had become a limitation to future ministry growth.


The need of a larger worship center was obvious but Brightmoor identified two additional goals for the project; create a place to gather as a community and an exterior that celebrates and reveals the ministry within.  Although early discussions focused on the need for a fellowship hall, we discovered as a team that a fluid and lively hub would provide both a sense of community to gather and a place to inspire belonging. We realized that to reveal the activities within, the exterior required transparency. The site provided an opportunity for good visibility from an adjacent highway so we located program spaces that are light seeking facing this artery and then maximized transparency. The positive outcome is a lacy façade revealing the energy of their ministries and people within.


Conceptually, the new central lobby / hub became the glue holding all ministry spaces together. The open, inclusive environment welcomes congregants and visitors alike then reveals service and ministry entry points.  The hub is sized to support the surge of all ministries gathering, like a town square. It provides an inspiring experience that creates areas of intimacy and opportunities for social activity. A place to see and be seen. The hub dramatically transforms Brightmoor’s appearance to the community.