Well, I have very great news: the project was completed on time and Team USA came out victorious over Australia, India and the Basque Country!

The other teams were consistently exceeding in scoring on all their presentations, project manual and overall judgement. Though in the end, it was no longer four teams; it was one team made up of four countries, with a sole focus of finishing the renovated toilet and washing rooms for school 125. It was a collaborative work of not only the competitors, but coaches, organizers, community members and judges.


We all got down and dirty to finish the work. I started as an adviser to the team, moved to helping with the modeling, and then to taking a note pad and drawing quick hand sketches and details, then taping them on the walls in the construction area to translate from Spanish to English for Team Basque. My role as a Team USA coach quickly evolved into I’m not sure what, but it was all worth it to see the faces of those kids, and know we did something to better the lives of 500 children. That was priceless.


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