Our performance based design approach enables us to lead civic projects through listening and understanding community mission and values, and facilitating stakeholder alignment. This results in careful stewardship of community resources through unique designs that measurably improve member and visitor experience, organizational performance, and foundational goals, culture, and strategy.  

An intimate knowledge of local communities, combined with a full range of design, engineering, and urban planning services, gives us the unique ability to look holistically at community projects. These projects require awareness and understanding of various administrative requirements including regulatory and civic compliance. Our expertise of local and state regulations helps pave the way for a smooth and efficient process from initial engagement through project completion.  

We lead  through: 

  • Stakeholder engagements 
  • Capital campaigns 
  • Project documentation 
  • Filings and submittals 
  • Master planning 
  • Clarity and transparency throughout the process 

Sectors with unique cultural and operational considerations within the community market include: 

  • Arts and entertainment venues 
  • Hospitality 
  • Convention and visitor 
  • Municipal: traffic, parks, and gardens 
  • Athletic facilities 
  • Transit systems 
  • Water resources: inland lakes and streams