Architecture and Engineering for Industrial & Manufacturing

Why Employ Architecture & Engineering

Our architects and engineers  leverage their deep understanding of the way people, things, and environments interact. Because industrial and manufacturing facilities are highly performance driven, these three elements need to work in tune. By employing our knowledge of lean principles, flow, space planning, and more, our architecture and engineering team can help optimize the performance of those elements to benefit your industrial or manufacturing facility. Improvements abound, whether you’re in a production, inventory, warehousing, or distribution business.

We’re Focused On Improving Your Performance

Simply put, we are in the practice of enhancing and increasing what adds value, and reducing or eliminating what doesn’t. By employing our industrial design experts when building or renovating your manufacturing or industrial space, you’ll experience operational improvement across key indicators, which add up to better profitability overall.

Benefits of Improved Performance

Increase Throughput Capability – Identify opportunities to improve ability and capacity and maximize production output.

Reduce Conversion Costs  – Less or better use of equipment, space, supplies, and more.

Optimize Energy Performance – Reduce the energy you’re using and maximize the benefits of operation

Streamline Systems and Operations – Clarify, simplify, and standardize building and production to optimize performance.

Benefits of Working With Progressive AE

Nimble Practice

We understand that in manufacturing and supply chain, time is money. We have the right people with the right skills, experience, and expertise to execute projects quickly, to specification and with agility to help you deliver on your contract agreements.

Robust Capabilities & Services

Planning Studies

We can help you evaluate your current conditions, identify opportunities to improve, and help you define which projects will best help you grow your business. Our team is able to help you articulate your vision, develop solutions, outline the case for action, and create meaningful visualizations, to help you build your confident business case for action.

Lean Solutions

We use lean principles in a systematic way to identify performance improvement opportunities. We understand the importance of simplification – removing the unnecessary to optimize the valuable – and serve our customers through processes to discover more elegant solutions leading to better results and greater profits.

Experience Across Manufacturing Industries


We’ve helped a broad variety of special science, learning and manufacturing organizations meet close environmental control needs. From typical laboratory and manufacturing, to pharmaceutical and medical, and high technology and aerospace, we have delivered cleanroom environments capable of meeting almost any need. Our team can design to your standard of certification or ISO level of compliance needed.


A nimble and viable supply chain is critical to our economy. We understand that distribution centers are as much about moving goods as about storage. The ability to quickly and accurately store and retrieve products is essential to success. Our team has extensive experience in planning, designing and delivering cost effective, operationally efficient facilities that support effective flow and operation. With an extensive resume of cold storage experience and delivery center experience, we can serve most any product support center need.

Energy and Power

Reliable electrical service is essential to our economy. We understand these facilities are critical to the communities they serve. They need to be failsafe against inclement weather, security threats, and other risks, while also embracing sustainability. Our experience in providing support facility design ranging from technical operations centers to power generation buildings, we have served both nuclear and fossil fuel programs providing solutions to meet critical service needs.

Fabrication and Assembly 

From consumer goods such as automotive, building products, medical devices and packaging to high technology, aerospace and advanced manufacturing, we can help you layout, configure and design systems support for reliable and robust production. Our lean thinking and systems solutions focused processes can help you improve productivity, increase operational excellence and support your goals of growing your business.

Food & Beverage

Quality solutions are critical to food and beverage production. Scalability and adaptability are essential to keep pace with changing consumer demands, evolving regulations, and important safety protocols. Systems required are highly complex, must be integrated in performance, monitored and serviced on a regular basis. Our team is skilled in assessing production support needs and identifying efficient solutions to meet your production requirements.

Medical Equipment

We are experienced in working with medical product manufacturers for both pharmaceutical and medical product programs. Our team is familiar with collaborating with our clients in navigating legal and regulatory mandates and creatively developing opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.