Driving manufacturing performance through design.

If you make, inventory, warehouse, or distribute a product— talk to us about how we can make your work more profitable. We’re applying lean principles to the disciplines of design and engineering to help establish measurable goals that show how better facility design can improve the performance of your industrial business. Good design can help optimize throughput, increase revenues, lower overhead, and so much more.

We are passionate about improving performance.

Industrial and manufacturing businesses face unique challenges in highly competitive markets. For these companies, where efficiency has a profound effect on outcomes, continual improvement is key to success. At Progressive AE, we are passionate about helping clients optimize their spaces to improve operations.

We’ve worked with manufacturers from across industries. These include:

    • Automotive
    • Cleanrooms
    • Cold storage
    • Distribution/warehousing
    • Energy and power
    • Equipment and products
    • Food and beverage
    • Medical equipment
    • Packaging
    • Technology

Your building should be a strategic contributor to your business. We work with manufacturers around the country to create lean operational systems that are robust, and layouts that flow. Who says sleek efficiency isn’t beautiful?