Cleanrooms are specially engineered spaces designed to control environmental factors such as dust/particulate, temperature, and humidity. Our engineers have helped a broad variety of special science, learning and manufacturing organizations meet close environmental control needs. From typical laboratory and manufacturing, to pharmaceutical and medical, and high technology and aerospace, we have delivered cleanroom environments capable of meeting almost any need. Our team can design to your standard of certification or ISO level/EU Grade of compliance needed, and we are well-versed in designing to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Our Expertise

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

We are experienced in working with medical product manufacturers for both pharmaceutical and medical product programs. Our team collaborates with clients in navigating legal and regulatory mandates and creatively developing opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Some of our projects include:

  • Compounding Pharmacies designed to USP 797 and USP 800 standards. Often located within hospitals, these pharmacies are complex and require stringent compliance.
  • Medical device manufacturing cleanrooms
  • Medical filling cleanrooms for production of medicine, test kits, etc.
  • Containment/biocontainment cleanrooms

Aerospace & Defense

We have worked with defense contractors and aerospace clients on projects geared at this industry.  These include optics applications, military-grade wearables, and a number of rooms for an aerospace company with a burgeoning space program.

Automobiles & Electronics

Manufacturing delicate electronics and components requires a tightly controlled environment. Our engineers are experienced designing cleanrooms for these industries, such as fuel cell manufacturing in theautomobile industry, and semi-conductor fabrication facilities.  

Over 150,000 SF of cleanroom designed in the last 3 years

Other Specialties

At times our clients need specialized solutions for their industry needs in conjunction with their cleanrooms.  Other knowledge and expertise we bring to the table include:

  • Dry Rooms – For processes (like glass manufacturing) requiring the cleanroom to have low relative humidity.
  • Contained Cleanrooms – For protecting the adjacent environment of the cleanroom, these applications require complex pressurization control strategies.
  • Cold Storage – especially in the Pharmaceutical industry, clients may need to keep vials or syringes stored at the proper temperatures.
  • Cleanroom Remediation – If a previously built cleanroom is not working properly, we can investigate and propose remediation to bring it up to standard.