We staff a full team of engineers and technicians—civil, mechanical, electrical, transportation and structural. These teams are a leading resource for municipalities, utilities, developers, environmental groups, and others, and provide specialized support to our internal architect and design teams. Clients turn to us when they seek to measurably improve the efficiency, sustainability, constructability, and usability of their projects.

Building Systems Engineering

Our mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering teams are creating new and innovative ways to reduce cost and energy consumption and improve human comfort and safety in the built environment.

Combining creativity with engineering know-how, these innovative thinkers are finding affordable and effective ways to make the most productive use of building systems—developing systems that capture geothermal energy or reclaim waste water, and designing lighting controls and systems that improve comfort and reduce costs. We’re even helping energy providers make notably better use of their own energy.

As we make discoveries in one market, we’re applying them to other markets we serve, helping organizations  do more without spending more and producing some amazing results in the process—in buildings, in neighborhoods, and in communities.


  • Code review
  • Communications & data
  • Electrical engineering
  • Facility studies
  • Lighting design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Science & technology
  • Structural engineering

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers, landscape architects, and surveyors are responsible for ensuring that each project is well considered in siting, orientation, traffic flow, landscaping, utilities in, stormwater management, and more. They ensure that the built environment honors natural landforms, protects wetlands, manages runoff, and takes best advantage of natural shade and light.

With designated experts in a host of specialties including traffic management, wetlands restoration, universal design, limnology, and sustainable practices, this group provides expert consultation for a wide range of clients—within our firm and well beyond.

Licensed locally, regionally, and nationally, our civil engineering group is equally at ease speaking the language of architects, engineers, planning and zoning officials, utilities, environmental advocates, bankers, realtors, developers, and more.


  • Site plan & storm water review
  • Transportation planning:
    • Complete streets planning
    • Corridor studies
    • Intersection safety studies
    • Roundabout analysis & design
    • Site circulation & parking system analysis & design
    • Traffic impact studies & signal systems design
    • Transportation master plans
  • Utility master planning
  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Water system design


We’re developing innovative energy solutions that improve business performance—helping organizations assess their energy use, eliminate waste, increase their ROI, and evaluate the workability and long-term impact of energy options including traditional, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and cogeneration solutions. We’re resourceful. We’ve helped businesses identify and capture wasted energy and repurpose it throughout buildings and campuses for increased efficiency. And we’ve developed pioneering energy systems from affordable standard parts. We’re on top of changes in the industry and have helped clients take advantage of renewable energy credits, grants, and other incentives to finance their energy systems. We’ve even helped energy producers produce energy more efficiently. Talk to us about how we can apply creativity and advanced engineering to develop energy solutions that fit your budget, meet your needs, and return long-term benefits to your organization.


  • Central & district energy systems
  • Project development
  • Renewable & alternative energy (biomass, geothermal, solar)
  • Strategic energy planning
  • Waste energy utilization

Traffic Engineering

We employ a dedicated group of transportation engineers who are experts in their fields. Our transportation engineers excel in transportation planning, transportation engineering, traffic analysis and signal design. They stay abreast of industry trends and best practices, making them well-equipped to speak the language of other transportation engineers, government officials, and concerned citizens.


  • Community transportation master plans
  • Intersection/corridor safety studies
  • Road diets/street conversion analyses and design
  • Roadway and street design
  • Roadway pavement marketing and signing plans
  • Roundabout design and analysis
  • Traffic and non-motorized data collection
  • Traffic design study
  • Traffic impact study
  • Traffic microsimulation