One of the priorities I share with our entire staff is our commitment to building community and trust with our clients. Our interactions provide a safe creative environment to share aspirations. We value the ability to discuss every aspect of the process openly, to determine what is unique and most importantly, to align on how they (and we) measure success.

Collectively we are sharing knowledge, growing and learning with every engagement. Recently, we had a participant stop and state to our design team, “You’re teaching us today, this is exciting!” And we often feel exactly the same as we go through these invigorating conversations.

As an architect who’s been designing for more than 20 years, it is a privilege to still feel like I cannot wait to get into a new project—to create something that beautifully expresses the client’s identity, improves the engagement of their workforce, poises them to enjoy greater success, with greater enjoyment and greater ease. The epiphany is exhilarating.

workplace design by progressive ae

I am so pleased with how we have transformed our process, how we have grown from investigation and understanding each client’s needs, to infusing intellectual capital into our focus. Clients are interested and expect to grow along the journey. We have provided an experience that is far more than transactional. The best gift we can give is innovation and creativity. And each time we do, it only gives us renewed energy for the next opportunity. This is how we do what we do.

workplace transformation by design, progressive ae

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