Understanding the future of work is top of mind these days, and everyone seems to have an opinion.  

While it may feel comforting to seek the tangible amidst ambiguity, we understand the very nature of today’s globally connected environment ensures there is no simple answer. Significant shifts towards a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous landscape were only accelerated during the pandemic, and as a result tomorrow’s workplace could look completely different.  

Pre-pandemic, work environments were evolving to support high-performing teams in achieving new standards of innovation, growth, and performance. Real estate once dedicated to offices and cubicles was being replaced by dynamic and varied settings facilitating generative group work, learning, and socialization in addition to moments of deep focus. As globalization and the great work from home experiment further distributes teams and makes face-to-face engagements challenging, we look for new innovative technology solutions to bridge the gap. 

These evolutions in the work environment aren’t slowing down. A vast majority of employees want flexible work options to stay the norm, but they also are eagerly anticipating the ability to have more in-person work. Overwhelmingly we see that people really miss the energy from the office and being immersed in culture, recognizing they’re part of something bigger – it’s a great place for learning, socialization, and generative teamwork. It can also support focused work in a way many people don’t experience at home. 

With so much data and varied opinions that often seem to conflict, how do we determine the right path forward? This looks different for each organization and often for the teams within. Here are a few steps to help ground your thinking in your unique needs:

Amidst all of this uncertainty, one thing we can count on is the increasing complexity of our world and the need for leaders to embrace that ambiguity, gain comfort in the messy middle, and grow skills in adaptive leadership to inspire talent to bring their best selves to their work.  

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