Proof that a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Overseeing a complete redesign of 42 US Advance Publications media organizations across the US is more than “project management.” There is really no way to overstate the complexity of orchestrating each site’s transformation individually, while maintaining universal elements and brand consistency. Our team can attest that creating 42 media company outlets, spanning three coasts of the US for 42 months as quite an accomplishment. The teamwork, confidentiality constraints, logistics, creative vision and need to deal in both present and future states kept us on constant alert. The process was at once demanding, challenging and thrilling. It also led to a deeper awareness of how much a photograph can reveal and how much it can leave out.

NOLA – New Orleans, LA local news

For example:

  • Prospect building exteriors and interiors
  • Legacy building exteriors and interiors
  • Architectural/electrical/mechanical details
  • Context within the spaces
  • Relationship between the building and its surroundings

workplace, media, advance publicationsworkplace, media, advance publications

This burgeoning collection would become integral to our experience and decision-making in a way that has challenged digital storage capacity. The purpose was to enable the design and engineering team to engage a space within a building in a city that many of them would never see, yet needed to understand. There were so many factors that came into play each day, it’s a powerful set of lessons learned that can be used to redefine the image of media companies, or any franchise industry in a unique and powerful way. Planning a change for your company’s bricks and mortar future? Break out the shutterbugs.


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