Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Company DEI Statement

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential elements of innovative design, where each individual’s background, knowledge, ability, and experience contribute to strengthening the team and the organization. Guided by trust and respect, we aspire to sustain a culture that values everyone’s voice.

Definitions & Guiding Principles

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are separate and distinct concepts, with interrelated implications. To set a clear foundation for our efforts to improve DEI at Progressive AE, we find it imperative to differentiate these terms, create shared meaning, and establish the role each of us plays as individual parts of the whole.

  • DIVERSITY refers to acknowledging and valuing the various aspects of knowledge, background, ability, and experience that occur among all individuals. Guiding Principle: I will strive to recognize, respect, value, and continually seek to learn the things that make others unique as well as the commonalities we share.
  • EQUITY refers to fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all individuals, including an effort to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent full participation of some groups. Guiding Principle: I will strive to understand that people have diverse needs and backgrounds and support them with what they need to participate and operate at their best.
  • INCLUSION refers to the act of creating environments in which all individuals feel as if they genuinely belong and are respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. Guiding Principle: I will strive to operate in a manner where people are seen, heard, and valued for the special and unique ways they are able to make a difference.

Our Commitment

As an organization, our dedication to excellence is inseparable from our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI are essential objectives for organizational success. Creating a more equitable workplace where talented people can thrive, feel a true sense of belonging, and therefore bring their whole selves to their work will lead to better project outcomes and ultimately serve our clients and communities.

We recognize that this is a journey of continued growth and awareness, not a destination. There’s not an established ‘right way’ to do this work, but our commitment to growth and improvement will continually guide our efforts. We’ll celebrate our improvements and successes while being mindful of when we’re falling short and of the work that’s yet to be done.

Progress in this journey is evidenced by:

1. Our Talent

Continued growth of a diverse employee base with a high sense of belonging at work and in the organization will result in engaged employees who are energized by their work, team, and will ultimately perform with increased creativity and productivity.

This is built on a strong foundation of trust and respect, leading to a higher level of resiliency and psychological safety where we care deeply for each other, and are willing to challenge directly for the benefit of all. Open, honest conversations, and the desire to understand and learn new information will fuel our growth.

2. Our Innovation & Creativity

The success of our designs is based on bringing together diverse ideas to enrich our work. The collective is better than the individual, and that is our competitive advantage.

This requires a willingness to give and receive candid feedback, take risks, and be open to learn from each other regardless of role or title. Leaders set the tone, authentically demonstrating these behaviors, setting high standards, and inspiring people to reach them.

3. Building Belonging

The ability of our design work to address/serve the richness and diversity of our society is the ultimate measure of progress in our DEI journey. And this is built into the very fabric of our makeup. We believe that design drives performance. It is not just about the building or site; it’s about unleashing the potential of people, process, systems, and the financial performance within.

This requires Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Competency from our team members through their interactions with each other and with clients to ensure that all voices are heard, and needs considered.