Performance Based Design

Progressive AE lives by a fundamental philosophy that design drives performance. It’s the idea that design isn’t simply about beauty, it’s about improving organizational outcomes. A new space that doesn’t support your goals or make you better at what you do isn’t an investment you want to make.

We know our clients have key drivers that help motivate decisions and set their course of action. Together, we will work to determine where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and set a course to make that happen. These performance measures will stay top-of-mind during the design process; in fact, they will drive each and every decision we make to ensure our work ties-back to your strategic vision.

From our experience, the most universal drivers impacting performance include people, processes, systems and finances ­— it can be one or two, or a blended mix of all four. We will work alongside you to unleash the potential of these drivers to make your space a strategic contributor.

Validating Success

It’s not enough to say we’ll drive performance, we will prove it to you. At established checkpoints after you occupy the space, we will connect with you to monitor and evaluate the performance measures. By comparing post-occupancy data with the baseline data, we’ll have a clear picture how design impacted your performance drivers and, ultimately, your organizational outcomes.