Access One

Project Details


Fort Mill, SC


18,640 square feet



Access One provides medical financing and works with providers to develop sustainable payment plans for patients. As the business grew, leadership knew that a new space would be necessary to accommodate their growing team. Access One’s previous office was small, and staff were separated from one another by walls and doors. This meant groups weren’t talking or engaging with each other, and the business was becoming siloed. A disconnect between employees and the brand’s mission also fed the company’s struggle with staff attraction and retention. Access One’s new office space is designed to address those issues by achieving three goals: 1) better organize staff by type of work, e.g. call center employees versus internal-facing employees who did more heads down work; 2) promote engagement between staff by creating a dynamic, multi-purpose break area; and 3) create a space that could support the company’s continued growth. The new common area for staff is warm and inviting with various seating options to support team members’ needs. The break area serves as the connection point, but also provides a buffer between the call center business function and the other workspaces. This allows freedom and the appropriate working conditions for both types of staff but still gives employees a common area to visit and talk across teams. Various huddle rooms and a war room provide ample space for meeting and collaborating. Environmental graphics supporting Access One’s mission and brand adorn walls throughout the space.


Interior Design