Ada Village Re-Design

Project Details


Ada Township


Ada, MI


40 acres

The Envision Ada project has a long development history. In 1985, the Township undertook an effort to revamp the area of the township known as The Village, which is the center or the township and includes a retail district, offices, restaurants, churches, township hall, and many residences.

The township again picked up the effort in 1992 with a planning session that included streetscape improvements to enhance the older portion of the village that dated to the early 1900s. The result was a streetscape enhancement standard that was constructed in many areas of the village. The appearance improved although the overall impact was minimal and not as far-reaching as the township desired. In 2006, the Ada community produced a resident-guided vision for the future of the Ada Village. Then, in 2013 the community joined together in a series of more than 100 meetings and community forums to further clarify that vision. Initial planning and community engagement sessions were done in collaboration with Speck & Associates LLC. Our team worked closely with Moore+Bruggink throughout project delivery.


  • Master planning process completed over a six-month period engaging diverse stakeholder groups, including the Township, local business owners, property owners and involved community members using community forums, as well as social media tools.
  • Creation of a sustainable plan which allows the natural feature of the river to be fully realized as a community asset; includes green street design standards, stormwater management.
  • Solutions provide increased accessibility for pedestrian traffic, increased availability of residential properties within the village, and creation of community green spaces as gathering places.


  • The first phase of master plan implementation
  • Relocation of 1,800 linear feet of public road and utilities
  • Incorporates urban design concepts to implement and enhance pedestrian use and access