Bank OZK Buckhead

Project Details


Atlanta, Georgia



Bank OZK approached Progressive AE with a request to design a building that would foster a sense of connection for their debut into the Buckhead region of Atlanta, Georgia. Our team responded with a modest yet impressive design that features a black angular façade, which makes a statement against the neighboring six lanes of traffic. The recess in the façade, which serves as an entry “porch”, creates an inviting and transparent space, providing a physical and metaphorical connection between the bank and the community it serves.

At Progressive AE, our approach to designing Bank OZK’s Buckhead branch was focused on providing a distinct and responsive design that sets it apart from other standardized bank prototypes. This collaborative approach not only supports the bank’s growth and success but also helps to build stronger relationships within the communities it serves.

As Bank OZK expands its physical footprint, we remain committed to working closely with them to develop unique and tailored buildings that align with their business goals and meet the specific parameters of the regions, communities, and sites in which they are located. Our partnership with Bank OZK exemplifies our dedication to delivering personalized designs that exceed expectations and help our clients achieve their goals.

Progressive AE developed the following aspirations for this site:

• Design a building that serves as a billboard for the bank’s brand.
• Design a building that fosters a connection to the local community.
• Develop a barrier-free site and building interior to accommodate users’ diverse needs.
• Deliver an economical design while meeting program requirements and utilizing durable, low-maintenance materials.