Brightmoor Christian Church

Project Details


Brightmoor Christian Church


Novi, MI


54,000 square feet of new construction; 24,000 square feet of remodel





Community plays an important role in worship environments. Spaces that allow people to connect are key to attracting and retaining members. For Brightmoor Christian Church, opportunities were limited by the size of their lobby and children’s areas.

The design team worked with Brightmoor to develop a plan to expand the church. The expansion would include a new, state-of-the-art worship center, gathering hub with specialty cafe, and staff offices. The existing space would then be renovated into new youth and children’s areas.



The worship center grew from 800 to 2,100 stadium-style seats. The center’s 1,800-square-foot stage is equipped with modern systems that support Brightmoor’s interactive and media-driven services.

Visibility from the nearby highway was a key driver to the project’s design. To help give the building an identifying marker, a 60-foot steel cross was added at the main entrance. With a clear view of the parking lot and floor-to-ceiling glass windows along the front, church activity became visible to the public and helped invite visitors into the life of the church.

The new youth and children’s spaces create a feeling of destination and belonging for even the smallest members. Working together with Worlds of Wow, the spaces help promote play and engagement for kids.

The lobby and hub specifically provide many opportunities for connection. Not only is the hub used on Sunday’s for socializing between services, it has become a destination for members and visitors throughout the week.