Cascade Fellowship CRC

Project Details


Cascade Fellowship CRC


Grand Rapids, MI


16,500 square foot addition
14,700 square foot renovation





Each Sunday, Cascade Fellowship CRC has two simultaneously active worship centers now unified by a central hub . The upper level worship venue utilizes a traditional approach to congregational interaction, music style, and seating configuration. The second venue called “The Bridge” would be considered non-traditional by most. Contemporary rock music and multiple seating options, including high top tables, create a worship experience quite different than the upper level. Furthermore, children’s ministry and youth program have a presence and face within the hub and community. Before the addition, Cascade Fellowship struggled to create a sense of congregational unity and awareness.


Unify the congregation through a space that inspires conversations and meaningful relationship connections. The architecture will reinforce their approachable and inclusive ministry strategies.


The new hub expresses a transparent and obvious point of entry from the street front. When entered, the environment is filled with a spiritual energy and visually and physical connects the two worship venues. Regardless of which service style congregants prefer, they come together with fellowship and hospitality before and after services. The space completes their desire to reveal all ministry opportunities. Children and youth programs are visible from the hub as well as the worship venues making wayfinding intuitive for congregants and newcomers.