Central Wesleyan Church

Project Details


Central Wesleyan Church


Holland, MI


100,000 square feet





Progressive AE created a master plan for a 5,000-seat church, family life center, and student ministry center. As part of this project, the site and roadways were completely rearranged to accommodate the additions. The Phase 1 construction, already completed, included site improvements and minor additions to the building. The Phase 2 student ministry center, a 25,000-square-foot addition to the church, is presently in design.

Progressive AE also provided the complete design services for this 3,200-seat multi-purpose worship center. Included in the worship center is a 4,000-square-foot thrust platform. This platform was designed to house a future orchestral lift for their 60-piece orchestra. The choir area seats 250 people within the worship center. There is an additional choir practice area, which also serves as a multi-purpose room for smaller performances and lectures. The existing worship space was converted into a 400-seat chapel with 10 classrooms located around the perimeter. Progressive AE worked with theater and lighting, audio, and visual consultants due to the complexity of this facility.


Maximize the function of the existing space and create a timeless design for the worship center. Create a new Master Plan consistent with church’s revised strategic ministry plan. To carve out a fellowship/ hospitality space out of three offices, concourse space, a corridor, and two classrooms.


The church's worship center has the capability to host 3,200 people on campus at any given time as well as has many additional amenities, such as: 4,000 square feet platform for housing an orchestral lift for the 60 piece orchestra, multi-purpose room and choir practice area, and a 400-seat chapel with 10 classrooms located around the perimeter. The café has the capability to host 80 to 100 people at any given time and includes many amenities, such as: full-service coffee shop and lunch menu, coffee and soda convenience station, multiple forms of seating for different types of gatherings, small library/ bookstore, and wireless technology.