Churchill Real Estate

Project Details


Churchill Real Estate


Charlotte, NC


7,000 Square Feet





About the project/client:

Churchill Real Estate is an investment firm with offices in Charlotte, NC, New York City, NY, and Los Angeles, CA. Their Charlotte office recently relocated from an older loft-style space in the South End that was mostly wood and brick, to a newer building downtown. They wanted to create a space that was clean, modern, and brand-focused.


  • Encourage transparency between management and staff
  • Create a modern and sleek look using black and white accents and high-contrast design
  • Create a branded experience when clients walk through the door
  • Improve access to technology and IT solutions for team connection to other offices
  • Open office workflow to aid in flexibility and ease of access to teammates for different projects


  • A large management office with glass walls and sliding glass doors opens onto the bullpen area, so transparency is maintained between staff and managers
  • Sliding doors to the management office were specially fitted for acoustics. The design team worked with manufacturers to prevent sound transmission of sensitive information
  • The team created a unique design wall playing on the company‚Äôs line-work logo. The unique white on white wood slat design creates depth and showcases the brand as soon as visitors enter the space
  • The space contains mostly black and white for a sleek design, but includes a pop of color in the carpet, using pattern and connection to accentuate the unique architecture of the building and angle of the space
  • Outdoor patio access allows employees to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful landscaping
  • The open office workflow includes a large bullpen area for staff desks, and an open break area with coffee and a kegerator
  • The team utilized the existing open ceiling structure to hang as much lighting as possible, and arranged staff desks along exterior windows to maximize natural light
  • A tech room for IT is located near the rear of the office
  • All paint was zero-VOC and the design team reused existing furniture to aid in sustainability and overall health of the office


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