Flexco Manufacturing Expansion

Project Details


Flexco Manufacturing


Grand Rapids, MI


325,000 square feet





Flexco Manufacturing is a growing company which operates both 1st and 2nd shift for 175 employees. The company is striving to become the leader in belt conveyor solutions and manufacturing to maximize business’ uptime, productivity, and safety. In 2019, Flexco purchased a 36-acre lot to expand and integrate their two Grand Rapids offices into a single location. The design principle for their new facility focused on reinforcing equity among all employees, and driving innovation and continuous improvement while fueling a united culture.

This project won a 2022 Building Award from AIA Grand Rapids.


Bring together manufacturing, engineering, and support staff from two separate offices into one.
Improve flow in manufacturing area for value stream management.
Create additional space for inventory management.
Create an office that reflects the company culture, brand promise, and way of working.
Create a central employee entrance to improve community culture and equity.
Add advanced technology to support a global organization.


World Class Facility - The design team created an inspiring and exciting environment reflecting Flexco’s aspiration to be a forward-thinking, technology integrated, and innovative company.
Equitable Culture - The new space is an inclusive environment in which all employees are empowered and encouraged to be active participants in the growth and improvement of the company.
Tailored Work Environment - In integrating two separate offices with different purposes, the design team created a dynamic work environment tailored to the needs of each function, allowing them to do their best work.
Well-Oiled Machine - The new building includes a streamlined manufacturing environment supporting the strategic focus on material handling, inventory management, flow, safety and visual awareness.