Ferris State University North Residence Hall

Project Details


Ferris State University


Big Rapids, MI


124,000 square feet



Nestled in the heart of Ferris State University’s Big Rapids campus, the North Residence Hall is creating an entirely different on-campus experience for freshmen students. In an effort to attract and retain new students, university leadership understood the importance of a positive first experience.  The North Hall was to be a large part of that experience. No longer set to the outskirts of campus, freshmen students living at the North Hall would be truly in the middle of the campus, and just a short walk from all major attractions. In addition, suite-style rooms, technology, and an emphasis on community would be key drivers of this project.

An accelerated timeline, set by the University, meant our team had to work efficiently and effectively with construction partners and university decision makers. Known as a “fast-track” project, the building’s design and construction occurred within a 15-month window – roughly six months faster than what would be typical for a similar project. Weekly meetings were held to ensure deadlines and milestones were hit. The North Residence Hall was completed on-time and welcomed students in the fall of 2017.

The new building features:
• 200 suite-style rooms; 400 beds
• Three dedicated classroom spaces
• Full community kitchen
• Game area featuring pool tables dedicated video gaming space
• Individual and group study areas
• Fitness and workout space