Global Financial Institution Corporate Office

Project Details


New York, NY


36,150 square feet



Located in mid-town Manhattan, this satellite location for a Global Financial Company based in Charlotte, takes inspiration from their main headquarters while adding in characteristics and flair unique to its downtown location. Modern finishes, clean design, wood accents, and pops of greens and blue give the space a look that will stay fresh well into the future. The use of materials and color makes the space feel complementary, not duplicative, to their headquarters. Intentional placement of space creates an activated and dynamic experience for both client and associate.

Prior to renovation, the client occupied part of a floor in a 22-story Manhattan high rise. When the opportunity arose to take over the entire floor, this financial services firm saw an opportunity to grow their talent pool and take on new clients. Additionally, their previous space was simply no longer meeting their needs either functionally or aesthetically. To help inform the design, programming and spatial studies were done to expand the “user” onto a full floor.

Unique Design Aspects:

  • Detailed ceiling elements to work with an 8’ deck height in several areas
  • Integrated technology at Reception for digital signage and information
  • Consistent branding to tie into other offices