Grand Rapids Community College – Bostwick Commons

Project Details


Grand Rapids Community College


Grand Rapids, MI


Two city blocks.





Provided site master planning and landscape design services that facilitated the closure of Bostwick Avenue adjacent to Grand Rapids Community College. Design Plus, along with Carl Walker Associates, addressed traffic and parking issues related to street closure and the existing parking ramp. While only one entry/exit was affected by the closure of Bostwick Avenue, internal circulation required assessment of the entire structure to maximize parking and minimize impact on local traffic patterns. Challenges also included a land swap with Fountain Street Church, as well a fire safety access on the street corridor, requiring participation and coordination with GRCC, the City of Grand Rapids, and Fountain Street Church. The project design goal was to provide a safe, well landscaped, aesthetically pleasing exterior space for students, faculty, and the general public to congregate. Project features included plazas, sculpture, fountain, and sitting wall, and reconfigured access to the existing parking ramp.


Create a significant and meaningful urban green space that connects various parts of campus. Design incorporates a variety of spaces for relaxation, studying and assembly.


A safe, well used urban open space that is appreciated by the students, faculty and the public in general.