Holland Energy Park

Project Details


Holland, MI


130,000 square feet




Estimated 2017

Holland Energy Park is a state-of-the-art, re-imagined combined cycle natural gas plant that will serve as both a resource and destination for the Holland, MI, community.

The project involved a variety of professional partners from around the country to ensure the best in design, engineering and site planning. The building sits in a natural, park-like setting complete with paths, a waterfall and extensive natural greenery and wildflowers. With an eye on sustainability, the Holland Energy Plant is the first Envision Platinum Verified power plant. As a nod to a community that’s so invested, the design also includes a public gallery to see and learn about power generation.

The new plant also supports an expansion of Holland’s downtown snowmelt system. Below the streets and sidewalks of Holland are miles of evenly spaced plastic tubes. Warm water from the new plant, which would otherwise go to waste, is pushed through the pipes to heat the sidewalks. The system will melt roughly one inch of snow each hour. Holland’s snow melt system is the largest of its kind in the United States, and its advantages are obvious: safer walking and driving for residents and visitors, extended pavement life and more activity to support Holland’s vibrant downtown.