IHA Health Center at Eastern Michigan University

Project Details


Eastern Michigan University


Ypsilanti, MI


48,200 square feet





IHA is one of the largest multi-specialty groups in Michigan and is a member of Trinity Health. To expand their services IHA sought out an opportunity to partner with Eastern Michigan University to be their provider of health services for both students and faculty. IHA is looking to create a new type of partnership that is beneficial to both them and Eastern Michigan which alleviates Eastern Michigan’s need to be current on health services overall. In addition, this partnership provides Eastern Michigan staff needed health services currently not being provided. The primary goal for IHA is to create a new innovative model of care for universities.

Starting with the identification of all the stakeholders, the design team was able to lead the partnerships in identifying their roles. This work help establish the necessary priorities and goals of the project for such a unique and precedented partnership. With these goals identified the design team was able to guide the team through design decisions that could meet both partnerships goals even when the goals were conflicting. When finished the design team provided a building design that met EMU’s standards while maintaining the operational goals for IHA.