Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA

Project Details


Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA


Grand Rapids, MI


66,000 square feet





Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A., worked with Progressive AE to relocate their research and development department and test labs to one centrally located facility within Kawasaki’s Grand Rapids campus. The newly renovated facility required specialized spaces that supported research and development, collaboration, an improved customer experience, test labs and other shared services.

The goals of the project were clear: design a state-of-the-art space that was representative of the Kawasaki brand while encouraging innovative thinking and a focus on staff satisfaction through the use of technology, natural light, ergonomics and energizing colors and themes. The move would also represent a shift in how Kawasaki worked. No longer would the R&D and test labs feel separate from the rest of the office. Instead, by having the office and test labs together in the same space, the Kawasaki team would be able to work faster and more effectively.

Kawasaki’s primary brand color, an eye-catching red, is featured throughout the office and lab space, helping to tie together the two areas. Offices and meeting spaces feature glass walls that reinforce the organization’s new emphasis on collaboration. A modern and brightly colored community kitchen and dining space give workers the opportunity to build personal relationships through chance meetings. To capture the most natural light possible, floor-to-wall windows were added to the kitchen and office spaces.

The research and development lab features specialized cells that are used to test the durability of Kawasaki’s lawn mower engine division.