LifeCircles – Holland

Project Details




Holland, MI


26,375 square feet





LifeCircles – PACE, wanted to create a new facility in Holland to help serve the local community. The facility would need to attract eligible Medicare and Medicaid and reach populations that were previously underserved.
PACE is nation-wide initiative that offers medical and recreational services at local Day Centers as well as at-home services. The goal of PACE is to allow seniors the opportunity to live at home for as long as possible.
Through discovery sessions with the Progressive AE team, specific goals for the new facility were created.


Increase participant and staff satisfaction
Achieve or enhance quality of care services
Exceed enrollment goal for the year
Improve or achieve baseline building operation cost
Reduce training costs for staff turnover
Reduce participant hospitalization rates


Design elements including wider hallways, more natural light and a covered drop-off and pick-up location were added through the design process to help increase the satisfaction of participants and their families.
The happiness of their staff was an important point for leadership. To help give staff a place to relax and rejuvenate, a dedicated break room was added. Team rooms, which allow group meetings and office get-togethers were also incorporated. Office space that was separate from participant space was important to allow administrative staff a place for quiet focus.
The care and health of participants was very important to leadership. Due to a high number of dementia patients, a care room designed specifically for this population was created. Functional clinic space, that allows participants to receive care at the Day Center, will help decrease the number of hospitalizations.