Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium

Project Details


Grand Haven, MI





Located on Lake Michigan and along the Grand River, the City of Grand Haven is a vacation destination for thousands of visitors and tourists each year. A defining feature of the downtown area is the waterfront stadium, located along the Grand River. The aged structure is defined by a large set of bleachers that disrupt the river view from downtown. Rarely used by visitors or the community outside of concert events, the stadium remains empty a majority of the time. The city knew it had an opportunity to redefine the space and create a place that promotes community gathering, celebrates the City of Grand Haven, and invites visitors to stay and hang out – all while opening up the view to the waterfront.

The new stadium includes seating made of low terraced retaining walls with grass surface. This helps take away the height of the previous bleachers and increases the visibility throughout the space and to the downtown area. A permanent 1,146-square-foot band shell is located in front of the seating on the northwest corner of the site. A sports surface located directly in front of the seating can be used for volleyball, ice skating, and other events. When necessary, additional portable bleachers can be added to increase the seating capacity of the space. The historic depot building will receive a 1,658-square-foot expansion for increased flexibility in supporting events and daily use.