Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Geriatric Medical Unit

Project Details


Mercy Health Saint Mary's


Grand Rapids, MI


27,500 square feet





32 beds on remodeled third floor of the Lacks Cancer Center – Geriatric Focused Unit. Offers elder-friendly features, such as no-skid flat floors, no-glare surfaces, specialized lighting, around-the-room handrails, and a chair with heat and massage. Intended for patients who are age 65 and older, admitted for non-surgical medical needs, such as pneumonia, sepsis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, acute renal failure, and altered mental status, particularly those who also need aid with the tasks of daily living.


Proactively respond to the needs of the aging population with specific care spaces and staff by providing an acuity adaptable patient floor with a focus on geriatric patients within an existing multi-use facility.


"Homelike" elements like a fireplace help to break down the apprehension of patients and their families. The space offers a more soothing work environment for staff which leads to higher quality patient care. The design responds to the existing experience of architecture and interior design.