Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Surgical Suite

Project Details


Mercy Health - St. Mary’s


Grand Rapids, MI


60,000 square foot renovation





Mercy Health’s operating rooms at their downtown Saint Mary’s campus were causing issues. Due to their age and size, the rooms were no longer able to handle the specialized equipment and amount of staff required for modern surgeries. Leadership wanted to create spaces that would attract and retain top physicians and staff, thus allowing more and better surgery offerings. This discussion led to a realization that the look and feel of Saint Mary’s did not match its world-class medical offerings. Leadership decided to invest in new operating rooms, pre/post rooms, a new front entry experience, and revised support areas for staff.


Create an environment that is patient centered, welcoming and restful, while building confidence as a destination of care.
Create a state of the art environment that is supportive, rewarding and comfortable to allow staff to focus on the needs of the patient and family.
Create an exciting environment that demonstrates a commitment to the continuity of care to increase patient satisfaction/attraction, while serving as a tool for staff recruitment and retention.
Create an environment that is efficient, flexible, technologically seamless and will allow the staff to live current culture ideals while encouraging future process methodology.


New state-of-the-art medical spaces, including:
  • 16 new operating rooms
  • Two hybrid operating rooms and connected sub-sterile cores
  • 43 pre/post rooms
  • 18 PACU bays
  • Additional support and storage areas including improved and expanded areas for families and staff.
    Three phased construction approach in the operating room suite to maintain operations throughout project.
    New surgical services office suite that includes an integrated conference room to facility in-house and remote viewing of operating rooms.
    Renovated main waiting room and greeter station upon entry to the hospital to improve patient experience and wayfinding.