Michigan Realtors Headquarters

Project Details


Michigan Realtors


Lansing, MI







As one of Michigan’s top advocacy organizations, Michigan Realtors represents a base of over 30,000 members throughout the state. Responding to a desire to improve physical space and support brand momentum, the association partnered with Progressive AE to vision a future Headquarters facility that reflects their strong reputation and brand promise. Together we established an understanding of existing conditions, explored future possibilities, and aligned around a strategic direction for Michigan Realtors’ future headquarters.


  • A high quality and impactful environment that demonstrates responsible investment and good stewardship
  • Impacting members through quality service and authentic communication
  • Fueling brand momentum, staff energy and excitement while creating a work environment to enable effective focused work and collaboration
  • Increasing work efficiency and the ability for employees to serve members through methods of personal communication, community networking, and continuing education
  • A desirable and hospitable destination for visitors


Following intensive interviews with staff and stakeholders, meetings to gain alignment, and confirmation of the above design principles, the design of the new headquarters was developed to create:

  • A practical, impactful environment that reflects the Michigan Realtors reputation as a top advocacy group and leader in member service
  • An exciting and energetic workplace for fostering a commitment to the members, reinforcing an engaged workforce, and maintaining the ability
  • A desirable, accessible destination with integrated modern technology and infrastructure