Michigan State University – Brody Hall

Project Details


Michigan State University


East Lansing, MI


130,000 square feet Largest university dining facility in the U.S.





Provided complete architectural, engineering, interior design, and site planning services for the renovation of the existing 120,000 SF of Brody Hall, including a 12,000 SF addition. Brody Hall provides academic, student life, and food services to the surrounding six residence halls within the Brody Complex that house 2,400 students, as well as the campus at large. The renovations and addition include enhancing the life safety systems and upgrading all major plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the addition of fire suppression and air conditioning systems. All new building systems meet energy compliant requirements of the USGBC, as well as current MSU standards to meet the University’s carbon footprint reduction program. Additional renovations include ADA code required modifications, asbestos abatement, exterior restoration, roof replacement, and an entire gut of the existing building’s interior to re-align the academic, facilities, housing, dining, and student life spaces.

There is one large auditorium, four classrooms and a computer lab on the first floor, along with offices for academic faculty, student services, facilities, and housing staff. There are dining services on both floors with a café and convenience store on the first floor and a complete gut of the existing military style dining with back of the house kitchen on the second floor and separation into multiple food preparation, serving and dining restaurant experiences. Student life spaces are located throughout the building including multiple-sized study rooms and interactive lounge spaces. Additional sustainable design practices include the capture of rainwater for flushing toilets, the addition of a green roof system and sunscreens at the existing balconies, and the introduction of natural light deep into the building including a light garden cut into the existing roof. During the renovations, Brody Hall will remain available to serve the needs of the students including dining services, with a phased construction approach.


Create a state-of-the-art dining facility that supports and enhances the dining experience for the 2,400 residents in the Brody Complex.


11 different restaurants all under one roof drove an increase of revenues of over 25% and increased student satisfaction.
Earned 2012 AS&U Architectural Portfolio Citation, Post-Secondary.