Muskegon Community College Arts & Humanities Renovation

Project Details


Muskegon, MI


65,000 square feet





Our project with Muskegon Community College began with a master plan integrating the values, space requirements, and strategic planning for each of six Arts & Humanities programs at the College including theater, dance, music, visual arts, broadcasting, and administration. Then, tasked with determining the best use of the school’s vacant applied technology building after its programs moved off-campus, the project expanded to include interiors and technology renovation of the campus’s Overbrook Theater and the creation of a new dance studio and black-box performance space. Promoting creative collaboration between music and the visual arts, these two programs were brought together in the existing building, linked by a public gallery and student café within the building and a small entrance addition connecting the arts back to the main campus buildings. In addition, the project team relocated the last program to remain in the technology building, its automotive department, to a larger space accommodating the growth and success of this program. Additionally, the automotive program was relocated to the existing art building and sheet metal apprentice sections of the College Maintenance Building.