Confidential Manufacturing Client

Project Details




Grand Rapids, MI


108,000 square feet



This food and beverage manufacturing client is a family-owned and operated business whose product lines include croutons, snacks, caramel corn, popcorn, fresh bakery products, and frozen foods, among others. They produce food for national organizations including The Kellogg’s Company and others.

The company’s existing 885,000-square-foot facility in Grand Rapids, MI, primarily operated as a food processing plant with limited capability for storing frozen items. Our design team partnered with Erhardt Construction to design and build a new freezer addition as well as administrative offices and employee common areas. The new freezer allows for a continuous, seamless flow from the production line to the freezer warehouse and finally, out for distribution. The addition includes 12,000 pallet positions and was designed with a possible future expansion in mind with infrastructure in place and room on-site to expand the freezer as the company continues to grow.