ServisFirst Bank

Project Details


ServisFirst Bank


Charlotte, NC


6,100 sq. ft.



About the project/client:


ServisFirst Bank requested our services in leasing their first branch office. Their objective was to create an appealing work environment that would not only attract employees but also enhance their standing in the realm of commercial banking. We seized the opportunity presented by a new, premier high-rise building, Panorama Towers, with an impressive architectural background and characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows. With this backdrop, we leveraged the space as a canvas for architectural expression. Our design approach incorporated captivating interior details, featuring elements such as exposed concrete and decking, resulting in a space that exudes both rawness and refined elegance, while ensuring comfort.




The client provided us with clear requirements regarding the desired square footage and programmatic elements. Our task was to meet their specifications, which encompassed a well-balanced mix of private offices and open work areas, as well as essential amenities like a conference room for client meetings, a board room, and smaller meeting spaces tailored for internal teams and clients. Through careful deliberation and thoughtful planning, we successfully aligned these diverse components within the overall architectural composition.




  • Perforated acoustic wood ceiling from reception to the board room that draws you linearly from the beginning of the space through the office.
  • Procured unique, local artwork and photography that both celebrates and supports the city and are used in the space for wayfinding.
  • The breakroom includes top-of-the-line amenities that reinforce hospitality and cater to users as an intentional gathering space.