Silver Lake

Project Details


Silver Lake Improvement Board - Oceana County Drain Commissioner


Oceana County, MI


672 acres


Approximately $50,000 annually



Silver Lake is bordered by an extraordinary sand dune system that extends to Lake Michigan. The lake is bounded by Silver Lake State Park and several hundred seasonal and year-round residents. During the summer months, thousands of vacationers visit the lake.

With the failure of the Silver Lake dam in the 1990’s, Progressive AE designed and coordinated construction of a new dam, and assisted the county drain commissioner with circuit court proceedings to re-establish winter and summer lake levels.

Long-term water quality monitoring indicated slowly increasing phosphorus levels in the lake and, in recent years, periodic algae blooms began to occur. To address this concern, the Silver Lake Improvement Board retained scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and Grand Valley State University to evaluate conditions in the lake and to conduct field measurements of water and nutrient inputs into and out of the lake. Progressive AE helped to plan and coordinate study activities, updated lake and watershed mapping, and created an informational web site to disseminate information regarding project activities. Visit



To identify and quantify sources of pollution loading to Silver Lake.


A technical basis for decision-making now exists to implement measures to improve conditions in Silver Lake.