Spectrum News Media

Project Details


Spectrum News Media


Washington DC


8,000 square feet





Progressive AE’s relationship with Charter Communications and Spectrum News dates back to 2002 and spans across multiple states and projects. This project is home to Spectrum’s Washington News Bureau, dedicated to providing coverage of the three branches of the US government. Prior to moving into the space, the Washington Bureau occupied two smaller spaces within the same building. The entire office is a working newsroom where correspondents can produce content and broadcast to their regional networks. It features a welcome center and pre-interview space where interviewees can check-in, work, and wait in comfort. Receptions and other catered events are held in the office’s open café and seating areas. The space also features two broadcast studios, meeting rooms, a green room and make-up area, dedicated podcasting/voice-over room, camera and gear storage, broadcasting network servers, and private offices. Central to the office’s design is the newsroom. This large space with impressive views to downtown Washington DC hosts the bureau’s 24 correspondents.

Because the office was designed to be “camera ready” and correspondents can, and are encouraged to, film anywhere in the office, much of the space needed to be acoustically isolated from the mechanical units and reception areas located on the floor above. The ceilings are lower than most modern office spaces due to Washington DC’s unique building codes that note no structure can be taller than the Washington Monument. The office opened in late 2020 which meant much of the documentation and construction process took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to lock-down restrictions, construction administration was performed remotely and made extensive use of spherical photography.