St. Mary Catholic Church

Project Details


St. Mary Catholic Parish


Marshall, MI


6,000 Square Feet





About the project/client: 

St. Mary Catholic Parish was originally built in 1889 as a Victorian styled church and renovated in 1988. Progressive AE renovated the chapel in 2019, and began the renovation on the main worship space in 2020. Progressive SPR was the construction manager on this project.  


The client wanted to refresh the interior of the church, by enhancing and putting focus on the original Victorian architecture. They had photographs of the original building and wanted to integrate the look and feel, while making some modern updates to the church layout, finishes, and lighting. 


The space features new finishes, liturgical furniture, a new organ and chamber cabinets, lighting, and a/v. The renovated space highlights the Victorian elements of the church and takes on a lightened color palette that emphasizes the stained glass and liturgical art. The paint colors are drawn from the original photograph of the church when it was first built. 

The design team worked with a painter who specializes in gold leaf to accent the Victorian style arches and engravings around the church such as on the column caps. The liturgical art was refreshed to tie into the space and new sanctuary furniture was designed. The sanctuary shape was altered to create more room and make it accessible. The carpet in the main worship space was replaced and a wood herringbone floor now leads up and onto the sanctuary.