Trinity Health Healing Garden

Project Details


Trinity Health


Muskegon, MI


2,600 Square Feet



About the project/client:

The Trinity Health Healing Garden is a testament to Trinity Health, an American not-for-profit Catholic health system, with 92 hospitals across 22 states. Based in Livonia, Michigan, Trinity Health employs over 120,000 individuals, including 5,300 physicians. Sponsored by Catholic Health Ministries, they provide healthcare in various states such as California, New York, and Ohio, among others. “Be Remarkable” is their guiding principle, inspiring high-quality medical care and compassionate interactions with patients and colleagues. Their mission is to serve in the spirit of the Gospel, fostering a compassionate and transformative healing presence in their communities. The Trinity Health Healing Garden is a tangible reflection of this mission, offering solace and rejuvenation to patients, visitors, and staff, and exemplifying their commitment to holistic healing and compassionate healthcare.



  • Design for all types of patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Design for healthy outcomes.
  • The visual prominence of space is critical.
  • Physical accessibility is important.
  • Understand and account microclimatic conditions.
  • Suppress intrusive noises.
  • Connection with nature is beneficial – even vital – for health.
    • Awakens our senses.
    • Encourages physical movement.
    • Facilitates social interactions.
    • Reduces stress and depression.
    • Elicits positive physiological and psychological response.



  • Safety | Security |Privacy
  • Accessibility
  • Physical and emotional comfort
  • Positive distraction
  • Biophilia
  • Maintenance and aesthetics
  • Sustainable