Trinity Lutheran Church

Project Details


Trinity Lutheran Church


Grand Rapids, MI


9,300 square feet


$4.6 million



This multi-phase renovation and expansion featured a new contemporary worship center, fellowship addition, and new entrance. The project was funded by a 5.8-million-dollar capital campaign. The project was designed and constructed in three overlapping phases to accommodate the needs of the church.

Contemporary Worship Center

This non-traditional worship center was renovated to meet the needs of varying worship styles and generations. Features include theatrical lighting, acoustical cloud ceiling, and a hearing loop for the hearing impaired. Progressive AE also designed the lectern and free-standing alter.

Fellowship Addition

A new fellowship space adjacent to the contemporary worship center was also constructed in what was formerly an outdoor courtyard. The 3,000-square-foot area has cathedral ceilings, clerestory windows, and a central glass-paneled staircase. The space also serves as overflow seating for the contemporary worship center.

New Entrance

A new entrance provides direct access to the renovated contemporary worship center. The design mimics the church’s main entrance in order to appear part of the initial design.