University of North Florida – Osprey Fountains

Project Details


University of North Florida


Jacksonville, FL


370,924 square feet





The facility was arranged in both four- and six-bedroom, two bath suites, with 20 resident assistant rooms, 20 private units, two area coordinator apartments, two staff apartments, one model unit, student support spaces including a convenience store, laundry facilities, common lounges and kitchens, game room, exercise rooms, themed lounges, study areas, and related program spaces.

Site development includes a new roadway of approximately 3,500 linear feet with lighting, bike lanes, sidewalks, storm drainage, retention ponds, parking lots for 1,000 cars with lighting, landscaping and sidewalks, as well as a 20’ wide pedestrian walkway bridge extending 1,000 linear feet across wetlands leading to the main campus. The main design challenge associated with this project was fitting over 1,000 student housing beds on a very narrow piece of land separated from the main campus by a 1,000 foot long wetland. Additionally, the building had to be designed to adhere to strict Florida hurricane requirements. The design solution was to create a five-story building that was constructed of tilt-up concrete panels. The decision to utilize this type of construction allowed for both a cost effective solution, as well as responded to the needs to “hurricane proof” the building.


The University of North Florida was transitioning from a community college to a residential college in order to support enrollment growth. Therefore, a significant student housing project was needed to create the feel of a residential college.


The resulting project was a five story, 1,000 bed student housing project; with describable amenities such as lounges, pool, convenience stores, study places, and a lazy river pool that both attracts and retains students. The project also creates the transition to a residential university for University of North Florida.