Vyve Wellness Center

Project Details


Vyve Wellness


Charlotte, NC


3,705 Square Feet





In our partnership with Vyve Wellness, we embarked on a journey to create a new brand and look for a wellness center focused on regenerative medicine and integrative wellness. The program encompassed various functional spaces, including a reception area, educational space, infusion bays, intake room, body sculpting rooms, infrared rooms, cryotherapy, offices, break room, and client restrooms with showers. The primary objectives were to establish a flagship store that could be easily replicated for future locations, creating an iconic image that not only prioritized client privacy but also showcased adaptability to different sizes and types of spaces.

Our designs emphasized efficiency, minimizing material waste while staying within budget constraints. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, our team shadowed them and observed their workflow, engaging with staff and nurses to tailor the design to their functional requirements. The outcomes included cost-effective material use, unique infusion pods with a critical lab component, successful permitting for specialized equipment, and seamless integration of lighting systems for enhanced patient experience and treatment monitoring. Despite challenges presented by the existing office condo space, our collaboration resulted in a transformative wellness center that embodies Vyve’s commitment to holistic well-being.