West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology

Project Details


West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology


Grand Rapids, MI


7,300 square feet in Phase 1; 2,000 square feet in Phase 2



WMCAT Facts (June 2014): 100% of their high school seniors graduated on time, with their class this year. WMCAT Facts: (December 2012):96% of our high school seniors graduated; Nearly 60% of their adult graduates were placed in a career in their field within six months of completing their WMCAT career training; (March 2009): More than 90% of adults of start graduate; more than 80% of adult students are now employed; more than 90% of high school students are on track to graduate.


Find alternative strategy to increase graduation rate from public school system for long-term benefit of the economic climate; Provide opportunity to educate an underemployed adult population through training for local healthcare entities, meeting their need for specifically qualified workers.


95% of participants graduate from high school.
80% of adult students are placed in jobs after graduation with an average starting wage of $32,000.