Z-Max Dragway

Project Details


Speedway Motorsports, Inc.


Concord, NC

Conceived for and built on the Charlotte Motor Speedway campus within a tight, 9-month timeline, Z-Max Dragway is the first and only four-lane drag racing track on the NHRA circuit. With its unprecedented racing experience and extensive fan amenities and access, Z-Max met Speedway Motorsports’ goal of creating a facility that would raise the profile and increase awareness of this dynamic motorsport.

Monumental, curved metal screens, inspired by the hand-crafted nature of the customized race vehicles on the dragway, wrap the control tower and mark the center line of the drag strip. Two grandstands with a combined total of 25,000 seats feature fan amenities at ground and mezzanine levels. VIP suites occupy the top of the West grandstand, as well as the top two floors and rooftop terrace of the control tower. A 27-acre pit area behind the grandstand allows fans full access to drivers and teams. Pedestrian tunnels below the dragway surface make it easy for fans to move around the facility.