Housing Practice Leader Mike Rosen was featured in Architectural Record to talk about the implementation of automated parking systems in his innovative new project, Walnut Station. 

“When architect Mike Rosen received a mandate to explore every cutting-edge, futuristic, energy-saving technology possible for a multifamily development in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, few would have predicted that one of the chosen technologies—an automated parking system (APS)—would end up making the project not only possible but also profitable. “The APS made it pencil out,” explains Rosen of Progressive AE, an architecture and planning firm headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Without it, it would not have worked.”

Automated parking garages are a futuristic-sounding parking solution designed for mixed-use, residential, and commercial applications. They utilize a combination of precisely designed machinery and sophisticated software to park cars in tight spaces without human intervention.”

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