Sustainability is at the core of West Michigan and The Rapid continues to push forward their vision of sustainability. With shared goals and commitment to the community, the partnership between Progressive AE and The Rapid has been a natural fit. In fact it’s a relationship that’s held strong for over 20 years.

Transportation transforms a community. It provides options for people, which is the ultimate freedom.  With the recent addition of the Amtrak Station, and the introduction of the bus rapid transit system, The Rapid is on the cutting edge of innovation, and continues to be a leader in mass transit. They are now truly a multi-modal campus.

While sustainability doesn’t always mean LEED certification, The Rapid has achieved that in spades as well. The Rapid is mindful of the way their operation functions from the types of vehicles they purchase to the way their buildings are designed (energy efficiency, or natural daylight). As a result, their operating expenses continue to decline and their carbon footprint continues to reduce.