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Finding Your Way: A Guide To Intuitive Wayfinding 

The key to designing an intuitive wayfinding system is to understand the visual and physical cues that help guide people […]

Why a Feasibility Study Should Always Be Considered 

By Dane Stivers, P.E. “There’s not enough capacity in the switchgear to power your equipment”…“The seal water tank won’t buffer […]

Universal Design for Higher Education Spaces: Why it Matters

Belonging. Over the last few years, this word has found its way into higher education’s vocabulary. With Covid, politics, and […]

Does your design process include a Universal approach?

Universal Design starts with an inclusive, user-centered design process. User-centered design is a collection of processes and exercises that focus […]

Why Universal Design is the Best Way to Transform Your Hotel Reception Area

The front desk has been a hallmark of hospitality for decades, but in the age of technology, is it as […]

Three Reasons You Should Adopt Universal Design in Your Office Environment

Diversity and inclusion are critical in the workplace. A diverse and inclusive workplace doesn’t just benefit employees; it also helps […]

An Accident, Near Miss, or Hazard was Identified in Your Lab

Reason Two in the Five-Part Series: How to Maximize Returns on Lab Protocol Change Change is difficult for people who […]

Universal Design Strategies Support Truly Inclusive Environments

Organizations today, and their leadership teams are recognizing the importance of design in creating inclusive places regardless of the user’s […]

Universal Design Strategies Drive Better Workplace Safety Outcomes

Improving safety measures is critical to organizations. A key outcome of Universal Design is that it minimizes hazards and the […]

Rock Hill Miracle Park Becomes First Park in the World Awarded Universal Design Gold Certification through the GUDC

We are excited to share that Miracle Park in Rock Hill, SC has been awarded Universal Design Gold certification from […]

Creating a More Inclusive Camp

This article is about opportunities to create truly inclusive camp environments by eliminating physical and social barriers. Camp staff members […]

Addressing Neurodiversity Through Universal Design

How does Universal Design address neurodiversity? This question comes up more and more as I present the topic of Universal Design […]

In the Workplace, Universal Design Responds to Changing Social Norms

Organizations are pursuing Universal Design for good reason. Companies are competing for talent who want to work at places where […]

Trends in Childhood Disability Inclusion

A few years ago, I presented at the first annual YMCA Inclusion Summit in San Antonio, TX. The event took […]

Implementing a Universal Design Strategy in Your Organization

From higher education to healthcare, organizations today face numerous challenges when planning for the needs of users who utilize their […]

Universal Design: A Conversation with U.S. Paralympic Swimming Coach Nathan Manley

As part of our ongoing study of universal design and the Mary Free Bed YMCA, we wanted to interview Nathan Manley, […]

Seven Universal Design Changes You Can Make Today

There is no such thing as “one-size fits all” when it comes to humans. According to the Centers for Disease […]

The Coming Importance of Universal Design

Universal design (“UD”) of buildings, products, and technologies is not one of the most recognized subjects today.

The Science of Choosing Colors

The use of color is central to all work in interior design. Whether the designer is a trained professional or […]

Mary Free Bed YMCA First Building in the World to Receive Universal Design Certification

The new Mary Free Bed YMCA has received the world’s first Global Universal Design Certification from the Global Universal Design […]

Universal Design is a Team Sport: Collaboration Plays Key Role in Creating Spaces for Everyone

The Mary Free Bed YMCA is slated to open its doors on December 7 – and we couldn’t be more […]

Mary Free Bed YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids

The inclusive atmosphere of this facility encourages kids, seniors, and families to spend quality time together, and neighbors to connect.