Strategic Insights

Why a Feasibility Study Should Always Be Considered 

By Dane Stivers, P.E. “There’s not enough capacity in the switchgear to power your equipment”…“The seal water tank won’t buffer […]

Three Reasons You Should Adopt Universal Design in Your Office Environment

Diversity and inclusion are critical in the workplace. A diverse and inclusive workplace doesn’t just benefit employees; it also helps […]

WELL Building Standard Part 5: Importance of Building Systems

By Kori Jager and Sara Bergakker As we wrap this series on WELL Building Standards, it is a good time […]

Quiet Quitting: New phenomenon or just a catchy new name?

Why culture and strategy matter for engaged employees Regardless of your favorite social media or news outlet, it’s likely that […]

An Accident, Near Miss, or Hazard was Identified in Your Lab

Reason Two in the Five-Part Series: How to Maximize Returns on Lab Protocol Change Change is difficult for people who […]

WELL Building Standard Part 4: Culture & Community

Imagine waking up tomorrow with the realization that you made a huge mistake at work. How would you feel? What […]

WELL Building Standard Part 3: “People First Places” 

By John Rizor, AIA NCARB CDT WELL AP The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has certified nearly four billion square […]

WELL Building Standard Part 2: What’s WELL All About?

Recently we posted about the organizational benefits of designing for health and wellness within the built environment. In this post […]

WELL Building Standard Part 1: Why Do We Need Healthy Workplaces?

During the early stages of COVID-19, many of us found our world–once filled with regular visits to the office, dining […]

Universal Design Strategies Support Truly Inclusive Environments

Organizations today, and their leadership teams are recognizing the importance of design in creating inclusive places regardless of the user’s […]

Universal Design Strategies Drive Better Workplace Safety Outcomes

Improving safety measures is critical to organizations. A key outcome of Universal Design is that it minimizes hazards and the […]

Evolving Trends in the Industrial Workplace

Practice leaders Kim Marks and David Shull discuss opportunities and challenges for industrial workplaces and their employees in the post-COVID era.