Case Studies & White Papers

Universal Design: It’s a Wonderful World

The concept of Universal Design may be more than 50 years old, but finally, its simple brilliance is gaining well-deserved traction.

Designing for Dementia: A Compassionate Passion for Detail

The simple truth is that caring for a person you love who has dementia can be overwhelming.

Statement of Design – Mary Free Bed YMCA

A visionary yet practical integration of materials and resources that go above and beyond YMCA standards, and transcend traditional problem-solving for built environments.

It’s a Process: Transformation by Design

The case for architecture as a transformational strategy in the media industry is strong. The danger of ignoring physical space for other perceived priorities is real.

Let in the Light: Thrive of the New Age of Media

Perhaps the single biggest change in the media revolution has been the stunning paradigm shift from the newsroom as a dark and impenetrable fortress to that of a glass house that rolls out the welcome mat.

Case Study

Secrets to Success in the Digital Age

The media industry has inarguably faced more, deeper and faster change than any enterprise in the history of mankind.